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Information For Physician's Office Staff



When ordering tests or procedures at Orange Regional Medical Center, please make sure your patient is sent with an order/prescription form with the following elements to expedite their care:

Elements of a Best Practice Order Form

  • All writing must be legible
  • No abbreviations
  • Body site and side must be specific
  • MD signature needed
  • MD name pre-printed or stamped
  • Date on script
  • Quality pause elements needed including patient phone number
  • Test (CPT) complies with diagnosis
  • (ICD-9) for medical necessity per patient ins. plan
  • Faxed to Inbound so patients do not have to struggle reading or misinterpret testing (845) 333-9009

Breast Health - Digital Mammography, Biopsy & Ultrasound - 1-866-ORMC-TEST (1-866-676-2837)

Cardiac Rehabilitation - 845-333-1512

Cardiology Testing - Stress tests, echo cardiogram, tilt table tests, holter monitor, event monitor, transesophageal echocardiogram, (EKG, no appt. needed) - 1-866-ORMC-TEST (1-866-676-2837)

Diabetes Treatment - 845-695-5858

Diagnostic Imaging - Bone densitometry, digital mammography, LifeScan, 64 slice CT scan, MRI, open bore MRI, nuclear radiology, PET scan, PET/CT scan, ultrasound and vascular lab, x-ray (no appointment necessary for x-ray) - 1-866-ORMC-TEST (1-866-676-2837)

Drug and Alcohol Abuse - 845-342-5300

EEG - 1-866-ORMC-TEST (1-866-676-2837)

Electrophysiology - 845-333-1080

Infusion Therapy - Middletown - 845-333-1150

Outpatient Mental Health Services - 845-692-8085

Outpatient Nutrition Services - 845-695-5858

Pre-Surgical Testing (PST) services are provided at the Orange Regional Medical Pavilion located at 75 Crystal Run Rd., Middletown, NY. PST appointments may be scheduled by contacting the surgical scheduling office at 1-866-ORMC-TEST (1-866-676-2837). PST services are available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The PST office at the Pavilion may be contacted at 845-695-5955.

Pulmonology Function Tests - 1-866-ORMC-TEST (1-866-676-2837)

Rehabilitation - Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy - 845-695-8731

Radiation Oncology – Goshen - 845-291-3623

Radiation Oncology – Middletown - 845-695-5999

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Appropriate Hospital Entrances for Hospital Services

To further enhance the patient experience at the Orange Regional Medical Center, please inform your patients who need elective outpatient surgery, a procedure, diagnostic imaging, or who are in active labor to use the main entrance door, not the outpatient entrance.  Patients will have convenient access to patient registration via the main door entrance. Patients in labor after 9:00 p.m. should use the Emergency Department entrance.

The outpatient entrance located to the north of the main entrance is most convenient for outpatient cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation and infusion patients.

Please find a list of ORMC scheduling numbers on the following page. We look forward to faithfully serving your patients and providing the best experience possible.

Thank you,

Dr. James Oxley
Vice President Medical Affairs

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Orange Regional Medical Center Contacts for Physician's Office Staff

We recognize that, at times, physicians and their office staff may need assistance with providing patients with an excellent experience both at Orange Regional Medical Center and at their offices. Please feel free to call or email any of the following leaders based on your question, need or concern. We will promptly respond.

Outpatient Physician Liaison Alexandra Curiale Outpatient Physician Liaison 845-695-5833 acuriale@ormc.org
Bariatric Surgery   Janet Kovler    Janet Kovler    Manager,
Bariatric Surgery Program 
  845-333-2123   jkovler@ormc.org
Bone & Joint Center    Linda Prioleau    Linda Prioleau    Manager,
Bone & Joint Center 
  845-333-4152    lprioleau@ormc.org
Breast Center

Ray W. Moody, M.D.
Breast Center
  Regina Toomey Bueno    Regina Toomey Bueno   Administrator,
Oncology Services 
  845-695-5964    rbueno@ormc.org

Peter Frommer, M.D.
Heart Center
  Catherine Maione    Catherine Maione    Supervisor Administrator,  
Cardiology Services 
  845-333-1488   cmaione@ormc.org

Non-Invasive Cardiology,
Cardiac Cath Lab

Peter Frommer, M.D.
Heart Center

  MaryKate Revella   MaryKate Revella   Director,
Cardiology Services 
  845-333-1175   mrevella@ormc.org
Central Scheduling   Aida Arriaga   Aida Arriaga   Director,
Patient Access Management
Option 9,
Ext. 6491
Complementary Therapy    Sharon Geidel    Sharon Geidel    Nursing Director, 
Oncology Care Services 
  845-333-2105    sgeidel@ormc.org
Diabetes Education &

Dunkelman Diabetes Center
  Shelly DeHaan    Shelly DeHaan    Manager,
Diabetes Treatment Center 
  845-695-5858    sdehaan@ormc.org 
Diagnostic Imaging    Gene Bernieri    Gene Bernieri    Administrator,
Diagnostic Imaging 
  845-333-1252    gbernieri@ormc.org 
Diagnostic Imaging    Deborah Carroll    Deborah Carroll    Director,
Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging 
  845-695-5842    dcarroll@ormc.org 
Diagnostic Imaging    Robert Davis    Robert Davis    Director,
Diagnostic Imaging 
  845-333-1248    rdavis@ormc.org 
Diagnostic Imaging     Woody Hubbard    Woody Hubbard    Manager,
PACS Support Staff
  845-649-9792    whubbard@ormc.org 
Diagnostic Imaging    Jessica Weiss   Jessica Weiss   Manager,
Nuclear Medicine, Fusion,
  845-467-7337   jweiss@ormc.org
Emergency Medicine    Laura Mansfield    Laura Mansfield   

Nursing Services;
Emergency Department;
Intensive Care Unit;
Progressive Care Unit 

  845-333-2089    lmansfield@ormc.org 
Emergency Medicine     Robin Brennan Seibel    Robin Brennan Seibel    Nursing Director,
Emergency Department 
  845-333-1351    rbrennan@ormc.org 
Endoscopy   Donna Tinkham    Donna Tinkham    Administrator,
Perioperative Services 
  845-333-1406    dtinkham@ormc.org 
Hospitalists     Izabela Nowosielski, M.D., FHM   Izabela Nowosielski,
  Medical Director   845-333-3370    inowosielski@ormc.org 
Infusion Center

Spagnoli Family
Cancer Center 
  Sharon Geidel    Sharon Geidel   Nursing Director, 
Oncology Care Services  
  845-333-2105    sgeidel@ormc.org 
Inpatient Oncology Services

Spagnoli Family
Cancer Center 
  Sharon Geidel   Sharon Geidel   INursing Director, 
Oncology Care Services 
  845-333-2105   sgeidel@ormc.org 
Inpatient Rehabilitation    Carmella Pistone-Halpern    Carmella Pistone-Halpern    Nursing Director,
4 East Rehabilitation
  845-333-4341     cpistone@ormc.org
Laboratory    Ruth Pollison    Ruth Pollison    Director,
  845-333-0093    rpollison@ormc.org 
Rowley Family Birthing Center
  Theresa Fay Conte    Theresa Fay Conte    Administrator,
Maternal Services 
  845-333-2086    tconte@ormc.org 
Medical Staff Support
  Audrey Lewis    Audrey Lewis    Director,
Medical Staff Services 
  845-333-1109    alewis@ormc.org 
Outpatient Behavioral
  Joanne Morano    Joanne Morano   Supervisor,
Orange Regional Counseling
  845-342-5300    jmorano1@ormc.org
Outpatient Oncology Services

Spagnoli Family
Cancer Center
  Regina Toomey Bueno    Regina Toomey Bueno    Administrator,
Oncology Services 
  845-695-5964    rbueno@ormc.org  
Outpatient Physical
  Diane Strysko    Diane Strysko    Director,
Outpatient Rehabilitation 
  845-695-8731    dstrysko@ormc.org
Outpatient Radiation Services

Eleanor T. Snow Radiation
Oncology Center
  Betty Koshy    Betty Koshy   Manager,
Radiation Oncology
  845-695-5944    bkoshy@ormc.org 
Outpatient Radiation Services

Eleanor T. Snow Radiation
Oncology Center
  Kathleen DeRosa    Kathleen DeRosa   

Clerical Coordinator,
Radiation Oncology

  845-695-5931    kderosa2@ormc.org 
Outpatient Surgery &
Procedure Center
  Donna Tinkham   Donna Tinkham   Administrator,
Perioperative Services 
  845-333-1406   dtinkham@ormc.org 
Primary Care    Joe Chavez Carey   Joe Chavez Carey   Interim Medical Director,
Orange Regional
Medical Group 
  845-333-7830   Jcarey1@ormc.org 
Registration/Scheduling    Aida Arriaga   Aida Arriaga    Director,
Patient Access Management 
option 9,
ext. 6491 
Respiratory    Frannk Salvatore   Frank Salvatore    Director,
Respiratory Therapy
  845-333-2009    fsalvatore@ormc.org 
Sleep Center    Frank Salvatore    Frank Salvatore    Director,
Respiratory Therapy 
  845-333-2009    fsalvatore@ormc.org 
Substance Abuse     Joanne Morano    Joanne Morano    Supervisor,
Orange Regional Family Program 
  845-342-5300    jmorano1@ormc.org 
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