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Life Sustaining Treatments

Common procedures a patient may require while in the ICU:


This treatment controls a patient’s breathing by use of an Endotracheal Tube (ETT). An ETT is a narrow tube placed through the mouth and passed down through the throat to the lungs. The ETT can also be inserted into the neck. This is known as a Tracheostomy. The tubes, in both situations, are connected to a ventilator that assists and controls the patient’s breathing.

Central Line

A thin catheter placed in a large vein of the body to give multiple medications and draw blood quickly.

Arterial Line

A thin catheter is placed in an artery to measure constant blood pressure and to draw blood.


A machine used to "clean" the blood of toxins and remove fluid that a kidney cannot.

Artificial Nutrition

Nutrition can be administered through the IV or through a tube placed into the nose or mouth and passed down to the stomach.

Vasoactive Drugs

Medications used to support heart function including increasing or decreasing blood pressure.


A surgical opening into the windpipe, or tracheo, which is made to create an airway for breathing.  Once the opening is made, a small tube is inserted.  Most often, the tube is then attached to a breathing machine, also known as a ventilator.  Read a brochure on Tracheostomy.

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