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NICU Equipment

The NICU is a technologically advanced clinical environment.  The following explains some of the equipment commonly used in our unit.

Cardiac Monitors

Give a constant reading of your baby’s heart rate and respiratory rate. Three leads, or adhesive pads connected to wires, will be placed on your infant’s chest that will transmit information to the monitor.

Pulse Oximeter

Give a constant reading of your baby’s oxygen level. A small wrap with a light will be placed on your infant’s hands or feet to obtain this reading.


Also called an incubator; is used to keep the baby warm.

Radiant Warmer

An open bed with a “heat lamp” over the baby. A small skin thermistor will be placed on the infant’s abdomen to control the baby’s temperature. A desired temperature will be set by your infant's care team.  The bed will automatically give more or less heat to maintain the infant's temperature.  Your baby will not be dressed while on the bed (except for a diaper).


A treatment for hyperbilirubinemia and jaundice that involves the exposure of an infant's bare skin to intense fluorescent light.  A light is placed over your infant's isolette or a lighted blanket is placed under your infant's back to help lower the bilirubin level.  Your infant's eyes will be covered and he will be diapered during the treatment.  Your baby will be given a rest from the lights every three hours for feeding and bonding. 

Nasogastric/Gastric Tube

Also called a feeding tube or gavage tube; this tube will be placed in your baby's mouth or nose when the baby when the baby is unable to breastfeed or bottle feed the amount of breast milk or formula needed to promote growth and weight gain.


A small plastic catheter that is placed in a vein to provide medication or fluids to your baby. An IV may be inserted into the hands, arms or feet. All IV fluids and medications are given through an automated pump to ensure safety.

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