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Bariatric Patient Olivia Pei Shares Her Story
Age: 36
Pounds Lost: 95
Date of Surgery: February 23, 2009


Last wee


kend I included you in a letter I had sent out to friends and co-workers. I didn't do this to actually solicit support from you...I just wanted you to know how my life has changed and to give you public credit for all you did for me last year. 

It has been almost 11 months since my gastric bypass surgery. I have lost 95 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 8. I work out at a gym 5 days per week and am preparing to resume working on my brown belt after another 10-15 more pounds. I also am training to do the 20 mile marathon with AFSP in June. When I had the surgery I had just finished my master's degree. Now I am working on my PhD.

I feel, and look, like a new person. I can't thank y


ou enough for how kind you were through this entire process and how well you both prepared and supported me. I have had NO problems since my surgery...not one. I follow the diet you suggested exactly and I have never suffered from nausea or vomiting or any of the other issues I hear about. Only one time I had dumping syndrome, last summer, and that was because I'd ordered a sugar free drink and was erroneously given one with sugar.

I feel like having this surgery gave me my life back. Further, I realize I have put in the work to make it successful; but at first it was a joint effort with you informing me of what was involved and taking care of me in the surgical process. Thank you for all you did!

May you both have a happy and blessed New Year! I hope we one day meet again.

Olivia Pei

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