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Cancer Registry  

What is a Cancer Registry?

 A Cancer Registry is an information system designed for the collection, management, and analysis of data on persons with the diagnosis of a malignant or neoplastic disease (cancer). Cancer Registries can be classified into three general types:

  • Healthcare institution registries maintain data on all patients diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at their facility.  Healthcare facilities report cancer cases to the central or state Cancer Registry as required by law
  • Central Registries are population-based registries that maintain data on all cancer patients within certain geographical areas
  • Special purpose registries maintain data on a particular type of cancer, such as brain tumors

Why maintain a Cancer Registry?

Maintaining a Cancer Registry ensures that health officials have accurate and timely information,
while ensuring the availability of data for treatment, research, and educational purposes:

  •  Local, state and national cancer agencies use registry data in defined areas to make important public health decisions that maximize the effectiveness of limited public health funds, such as the placement of screening programs
  • Cancer Registries are valuable research tools for those interested in the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Fundamental research on the epidemiology of cancer is initiated using the accumulated data
  • Lifetime follow-up is an important aspect of the Cancer Registry.  Current patient follow-up serves as a reminder to physicians and patients to schedule regular clinical examinations and provides accurate survival information

Confidentiality of patient identifying information and related medical data is strictly maintained at each Cancer Registry. Aggregate data are analyzed and published without any patient identifiers at all.

For additional information, please contact Karen Loos, CTR, Cancer Registry Manager at 845-333-1134 or kloos@ormc.org

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