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Cataract Laser Surgery

Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness globally and cataract development is a part of the normal aging process.

Other causes of early cataracts are diabetes, any kind of eye injury, use of certain medications, infection or inflammation of the eye. Cataracts develop when the eye’s lens, which primarily consists of water, becomes cloudy and prevents the passage of light to the retina which impairs and disrupts vision.  However, cataracts can be successfully corrected with cataract surgery.

Traditional cataract surgery involves making a tiny incision in the eye to break the old, cloudy lens into pieces. Those pieces were then removed from the eye and a replacement lens was inserted. 

Orange Regional now offers a bladeless procedure using laser technology to perform the same type of surgery. Performed as an outpatient procedure, using the LenSx® Laser allows our eye surgeon to perform some of the most challenging steps in cataract surgery with the precision of advanced laser technology. 

Benefits of the LenSx® Laser procedure include:

  • Improved surgical precision – enables eye surgeonss to deliver a truly premium surgical experience for lens replacement
  • Improved accuracy – bladeless corneal incisions utilizing image-guided software
  • Quick post-operative visual results

To find a physician that performs the LenSx® Laser procedure, please click here and select Cataract Laser Surgery in the Area of Interest pulldown or call our Health Connection Hotline at 888-321-ORMC (6762).

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