Internal Medicine Residency Program

Internal Medicine Residency Program

Internal Medicine Residency Program

The mission of the Graduate and Undergraduate Medical education Program at Orange Regional Medical Center is to provide residents and students with a sound educational foundation, superb clinical skills, and the ability to effectively manage even the most complex patient cases.

Healthcare is rapidly changing, and internists care for patients in a variety of settings, with a wide-range of medical conditions and preventive medicine needs. Our training program’s mission is to provide our residents with the skills necessary to thrive in our changing medical environment.

Internal Medicine Didactics

Internal Medicine Residency Program at Orange Regional Medical Center
Our main goal is to educate our residents in becoming a well-rounded physicians, with strong understanding of the fundamentals of Internal Medicine, evidence based practice, and the refined art of physical diagnosis.

Because of the acuity and breadth of patients at Orange Regional Medical Center – our residents care for patients across a wide spectrum of disease in an efficient system supplemented by active faculty members and a supportive institution, including, but not limited to:

  • General internal medicine
  • Intensive care
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Geriatrics
  • Rhematology
  • Gastroenterology

Our residents also have a chance to participate in other aspects of hospital and ambulatory clinic activities, including serving on committees and participating in quality improvement projects.

Internal Medicine Curriculum


Block 1 - Internal Medicine

Block 2 - Intensive Care Unit

Block 3 - Night Float

Block 4 - Emergency Medicine

Block 5 - Internal Medicine

Block 6 - Cardiology

Block 7 - Internal Medicine

Block 8 - Clinic

Block 9 -Internal Medicine

Block 10 - PST/RAD

Block 11 -Internal Medicine

Block 12 -PSY

Block 13 - Internal Medicine


Block 1 - Internal Medicine

Block 2 - Clinic

Block 3 - Internal Medicine

Block 4 - CCU

Block 5 - PULM

Block 6 - Internal Medicine

Block 7 - Intensive Care Unit

Block 8 - NEPHRO

Block 9 - Night Float

Block 10 - Elective

Block 11 - Internal Medicine

Block 12 - Infectious Disease

Block 13 - Neurology


Block 1 - Clinic

Block 2 - Intensive Care Unit

Block 3 - DERM

Block 4 - ENT/EYE

Block 5 - Internal Medicine

Block 6 - Gastroenterology

Block 7 - Endocrinology

Block 8 - Rheumatology

Block 9 - Geriatrics

Block 10 - Night Floats

Block 11 -Emergency Medicine

Block 12 - Elective

Block 13 - Elective

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Thank you for your consideration of our Internal Medicine Residency Program! If you have questions about the program, please contact our Internal Medicine Program Coordinator, Keylen Cerda, by phone: 845-333-6333 or by email:

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