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2017 NICU Reunion

May 6, 2017

See scenes from our recent NICU Reunion patient celebration event. It is always a pleasure to see our NICU babies each year at our reunion and see how they’ve grown!

“Every year, I am still surprised and excited for this reunion and to see these babies. At first many of them were still in strollers, now you see them running around. Some of them are even going to preschool and kindergarten.” – Dr. Manuel DeCastro, Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Orange Regional Medical Center

“It’s a very special event because we get to see all the progress for all the babies that graduated. Some are only a few months old, but some are several years old and walking and dancing. It’s just a great thing being able to reunite with the families, and its very special for the staff to have that connection.” – Debbie Vermilyea, Nursing Unit Director of Rowley Family Birthing Center, NICU and Lactation.

Kelly’s Kindermusik was a hit at this year! So many of our tiniest patients are having a blast at this adorable celebration. A huge thank you to all our absolutely fabulous and strong moms families who trusted our Rowley Family Birthing Center to bring their sweet bundles of joy into the world.

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