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2017 NICU Reunion

May 6, 2017

See scenes from our recent NICU Reunion patient celebration event. It is always a pleasure to see our NICU babies each year at our reunion and see how they’ve grown!

Kelly’s Kindermusik was a hit at this year! So many of our tiniest patients are having a blast at this adorable celebration.

  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-12
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-3
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-2
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-1
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-11
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-10
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-9
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-8
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-7
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-6
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-5
  • nicu-reunion-ormc-2017-4

A huge thank you to all our absolutely fabulous and strong moms families who trusted our Rowley Family Birthing Center to bring their sweet bundles of joy into the world.

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