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Auxiliary Donates NOELLE to Rowley Family Birthing Center Team

July 19, 2010

(Middletown, NY) – Orange Regional Medical Center’s Rowley Family Birthing Center welcomes the newest member of its team,
NOELLE (model S550), a Maternal & Neonatal Simulator. This full-size, full-body female simulator is used by interdisciplinary teams within the Rowley Family Birthing Center and throughout the hospital to educate staff and provide hands on training in a variety of obstetric situations.

NOELLE, donated by the Orange Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, performs a variety of life-like scenarios including labor and delivery. Staff can also enhance their skills in areas such as fetal heart monitoring, IV insertion and intubation. NOELLE provides many other real-time educational opportunities involving labor, delivery and post-partum medical issues as well as the ability to perform drills under emergency circumstances. Many labor and delivery emergencies are less frequent in nature and the ability to practice emergency response techniques with NOELLE improves communication and identifies roles and responsibilities between team members.

Tina Bast, RN, is a member of Orange Regional’s Obstetrics Council, which is responsible for establishing and managing medical drills utilizing NOELLE. “The benefits of utilizing a true-to-life simulator are abundant for our patients and clinical staff. Educational opportunities derived from NOELLE can aid a new nurse just beginning her obstetrical practice to a seasoned nurse who is practicing the most up-to-date, life-saving techniques needed to protect our moms and newborns.”

“Our nurses are extremely excited to have the ability to perform training exercises in-house; refining skills and becoming the most exceptional and competent nurses in the region,” said Administrator of Maternal/Child Health, Karidis Tubo.

For information about Orange Regional’s Rowley Family Birthing Center, call the Orange Regional Health Connection at 1-888-321-ORMC (6762) or visit www.ormc.org.

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