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Does your spouse keep you up at night?

February 15, 2008

Orange Regional Medical Center Offers Relief for Sufferers of Sleep Disorders.

Goshen, NY – If you suffer from a sleep disorder, chances are you probably don”t know it unless your bed partner, or someone in your household, has complained to you. The Center for Sleep Medicine at Orange Regional Medical Center”s Arden Hill campus in Goshen, New York, can help diagnose your disorder and help you and your household, rest easier.

Nearly one out of 10 Americans experience chronic, debilitating and perhaps life-threatening sleep disorders. Symptoms of a sleep disorder include:

– Periods observed by your bed partner during which you stop breathing
– Snoring
– Excessive daytime sleepiness and/or fatigue
– Loss of concentration and irritability
– Morning headaches
– Restless sleep or falling asleep at inappropriate times
– Frequent nighttime awakening and frequent urination
– Involuntary nighttime leg movements

The Center for Sleep Medicine is a state-of-the-art facility that offers the latest technology in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders in a comfortable setting. A polysomnogram, or sleep study, is a painless, non-invasive test that will help diagnose the severity and type of sleep apnea or other disorder. All you have to do is sleep for one night at the Center, while specially trained technicians monitor your breathing, heart rate, oxygen level in your blood, eye movement, muscle tone and other health factors.

The test, ordered by your physician, is performed at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Arden Hill Campus in Goshen. If you don”t have a physician, you can call the Center for an appointment with a sleep specialist. Most insurance is accepted.

For more information on Orange Regional”s Center for Sleep Medicine, please call
845-294-4857 or visit www.ormc.org

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