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Orange Regional Medical Center Announces 3D Breast Tomosynthesis Biopsy Option

November 9, 2016

Orange Regional Medical Center’s Ray. W. Moody, M.D. Breast Center recently expanded its extensive array of interventional and medical imaging solutions for breast health by offering the 3D tomosynthesis breast biopsy. This procedure is offered in conjunction with the 3D Mammography (also known as tomosynthesis) technology. Orange Regional is the first hospital in Orange County to implement the biopsy capability with 3D Breast tomosynthesis. This biopsy feature helps to better detect cancers at their earliest stages.

The 3D breast biopsy procedure is designed for the localization and accurate targeting of specific areas in the breast and is especially important for targeting areas not always detected in 2D images or when using other technologies. This new biopsy technique has numerous advantages over traditional stereotactic biopsy procedures, including faster targeting and reduced patient procedure time.

“The 3D biopsy option is an important addition,” said Medical Director of the Ray W. Moody, M.D. Breast Center, Dr. Nate Margolis. “Physicians now have a new tool, tomosynthesis, to accurately identify areas of interest for biopsy. This addresses an emergent need users of 3D mammography systems have identified – a biopsy technology that helps them locate areas seen only on tomosynthesis images, as well as areas that are better visualized using 3D imaging.”

According to Dr. Margolis, among biopsies performed with this technology so far, 40 percent have yielded a diagnosis of cancer that would have otherwise gone undetected. An additional 10 percent of biopsies have yielded benign findings that required surgery. The technology also allows patients to sit upright during the procedure and accommodates patients with mobility limitations and positioning constraints.

Orange Regional’s Breast Center has moved and is now located in the Outpatient Building at 707 East Main Street in Middletown, on the main campus of the hospital. The Breast Center is fully equipped with all 3D Mammography technology.

To learn more about the Ray W. Moody, MD Breast Center visit www.ormc.org/BreastCenter or to schedule an appointment call 866-676-ORMC (2837).

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