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Orange Regional Medical Center Celebrates National Sleep Awareness Week

March 1, 2012

Middletown, NY- The Center for Sleep Medicine at Orange Regional Medical Center will celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week March 5 through March 11 to increase public education and awareness regarding the importance of sleep.

“Sleep deprivation has been linked to serious medical conditions such as stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and even depression,” states Dr. Alan Schaffer, Medical Director of The Center for Sleep Medicine. “Quickly diagnosing sleep disorders is an essential step in leading a healthier life.” Dr. Schaffer has nearly 20 years experience in Sleep Medicine. In addition to Dr. Schaffer’s expertise, the Center is staffed by Board-certified physicians and specially-trained technicians.

According to the American Sleep Association, at least 40 million Americans each year suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders and an additional 20 million experience occasional sleeping problems. These disorders and the resulting sleep deprivation interfere with work, driving and social activities.

The National Sleep Foundation offers the following tips to get a good night’s sleep: establish a regular bed and wake time; avoid nicotine and caffeine close to bedtime; set up a consistent relaxing “wind-down” bedtime routine and create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet and comfortable.

“A large number of people are unaware that they may suffer from a sleep disorder or that it could be readily treated,” says Associate Medical Director of the Sleep Center, Dr. Ofer Jacobowitz. “We want to educate people about the signs of various disorders and to obtain diagnosis and treatment using consultation and sleep studies when needed.”

Dr. Jacobowitz was selected to partake in the National Sleep Awareness Roundtable (NSART), a national coalition of governmental, professional and voluntary organizations whose mission is to raise awareness about, increase the understanding of, and reduce the public health and safety impact of sleep deprivation and sleep disorders. This is done by improving communication and collaboration among local, state and federal agencies; professional organizations and the public. The Roundtable will meet on March 1st in Washington, D.C.

Orange Regional Medical Center is a member of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System.

About The Center for Sleep Medicine at Orange Regional Medical Center

Sleep study services performed at Orange Regional’s Center for Sleep Medicine, located at the Orange Regional Medical Pavilion, 75 Crystal Run Road in the Town of Wallkill, aid in the diagnosis of potential sleep disorders that may also contribute to other health related conditions. A sleep study is a painless, non-invasive test that allows specially-trained technicians to monitor a patient’s breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, eye movement, muscle tone and other factors. Sleep studies take place in our state-of-the-art facility and offer the latest diagnostic technology in a quiet and peaceful environment. For more information about sleep services at Orange Regional Medical Center or to find out if you are at risk for a sleep disorder, visit www.ormc.org/sleepcenter.

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