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Orange Regional Medical Center Now Offering Reiki Therapy

March 31, 2011

Middletown, NY- Orange Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer Reiki Therapy to inpatients of all ages free of charge. Reiki is defined as “universal life energy” and is used as a natural approach to healing and wellness by channeling energy. This energy is transferred from a licensed practitioner to the patient. Reiki is a complementary healing therapy, that when combined with traditional therapy as prescribed by a physician, promotes relaxation and comfort. Reiki Therapy releases positive energy and restores energy flow, allowing the body’s own natural healing ability to work; promoting healing to the mind, body and soul.

“The goal of our new Reiki Therapy program is to further support the body’s own natural healing ability. Pain management can be challenging for some patients due to side effects. Likewise, a hospital stay can be emotional and stressful for others. Reiki Therapy provides an opportunity to relax, and in the process, restore positive energy so the patient can rebalance mentally, physically and emotionally,” explains JoAnn Schultz, Acting Vice President, Patient Care Services at Orange Regional Medical Center.

Reiki sessions are conducted in a quiet environment where the patient falls into a relaxed and meditative state as a Certified Registered Nurse Reiki Practitioner conducts a session. Patients sit or lie comfortably, fully clothed. The Reiki Practitioner places their hands in various positions lightly or slightly above the patient’s head, shoulder, chest, stomach, arms, legs and or feet typically corresponding to the body’s energy centers. Each position is held for approximately two to five minutes. With this method, the therapy is delivered with the intent to raise, unblock and balance energy in order for the body to heal itself.

Reiki Therapy is a safe, non-invasive relaxing technique that has been known to decrease pain, ease muscle tension, speed healing and improve sleep. Patients in the hospital setting experience many stressors that can weaken the function of the immune system and interfere with healing. Reiki focuses on restoring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual capacities of each individual. Additional benefits of Reiki Therapy may include: reducing stress and anxiety; deep relaxation; alleviating pain; improving blood circulation; reducing side effects from surgery and long-term illness; releasing emotional anguish and stimulating the functions of the immune system.

Reiki Therapy is a free service. Sessions are approximately one hour and patients are instructed to notify their physician to request a Reiki Therapy session.

Orange Regional’s Reiki Therapy program was made possible through funding from the Corinne Feller Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness.

Corinne Feller was a life-long Montgomery, New York resident and standout student and athlete at Valley Central High School. Corinne touched many lives with her generosity of spirit, commitment to fairness, and social consciousness. After a 10-month battle, Corinne died of ovarian cancer at age 18 in 1999. Her untimely death brought to light the need for heightened awareness about ovarian cancer and increased funding for research to find a cure.

For more information about Orange Regional’s free Reiki Therapy services, contact Orange Regional’s Reiki Therapy Program Coordinator at 845-343-2424 x4245. Orange Regional Medical Center is a member of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System.

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