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Orange Regional Medical Center Receives State Grant for Latino Cardiac Screening

March 8, 2007

Orange Regional Medical Center’s Healthy Heart Program is the recipient of a new health initiative grant, Latino Health Outreach, from the New York State Department of Health Office of Minority Health. The goal of this $14,500 grant is to reduce asthma, diabetes, heart disease and stroke among the local Latino population. “The elimination of health disparities affecting minority communities is one of our top priorities,’said New York State Commissioner of Health Richard F. Daines, M.D. “The State Health Department is pleased to help fund efforts by Orange Regional Medical Center to reduce the disproportionate burden of asthma, diabetes, stroke and heart disease in the Latino community.”

The funding gained from the twelve month grant, which began on April 2, is being used at Hudson River HealthCare’s Health Centers. While Orange Regional supplies the nursing staff for the program, the grant will provide all necessary supplies and an on-site Spanish interpreter at each screening.

The Healthy Heart Program’s objectives during this period include:

– providing cardiac screening to 600 minority group members over a period of twelve months

– a 35% rate of return at one of the follow-up screenings offered at each site

It’s anticipated that 75% of all participants in the screenings will need follow-up care from their physician, including further cardiac diagnostic screening.

“It is very exciting that Orange Regional is able to be a part of this new initiative,” says Tamara Scotto, Director of the Healthy Heart Program. “We look forward to providing assistance in meeting the healthcare needs of the Latino population while helping to educate and make a difference in reducing heart disease and stroke. The use of our Healthy Heart Program is a fantastic way to achieve the Department of Health’s goals.” Orange Regional will provide cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure tests and offer cardiac education and support. Getting participants to attend the follow up visits is vital. Participants are re-tested and are able to see if a positive change has occurred. This provides Orange Regional the opportunity to further educate patients and offer referrals to cardiac specialists, if necessary.

According to Anne Nolan, President & CEO of Hudson River HealthCare’s Health Centers, “Positive feedback from patients and staff are strong indicators of the success of this joint approach to increasing access to preventive health care, especially at our migrant health center. Our working relationship is based on a deep and abiding respect for the community we serve as well as our commitment to the health of the residents of Orange County.”

For more information about Orange Regional’s Healthy Heart Program, call Tamara Scotto, Director at 342-7395.

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