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Orange Regional Medical Center Treats Liver Cancer

August 7, 2012

Middletown, NY- Orange Regional Medical Center now offers Yttrium-90 Radio embolization (Y-90) an innovative, minimally invasive procedure to treat tumors in the liver.

Orange Regional’s Chairman of Diagnostic Imaging, Dr. Adel R. Abadir states, “This specialized treatment is exciting as it presents physicians with another method to help patients fight liver cancer with the goal of improving survival and maintaining quality of life without destroying healthy tissue.”

The procedure requires the insertion of a catheter through a small incision in the groin. It is then threaded through a vein until it reaches the hepatic artery, one of two blood vessels that nourishes the liver; typically the vessel that feeds the tumor. When the catheter is properly in place, millions of microscopic beads of radioactive isotopes are injected, carried by the flow of blood to the tumor. Once the particles become lodged at the tumor site, they deliver a high dose of radiation. This allows for an isolated dose of radiation to be delivered to the tumor, shrinking it while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. This outpatient procedure is performed at the main campus of Orange Regional in the Interventional Radiology suite. A team consisting of an Interventional Radiologist and a Radiation Oncologist perform the procedure, expertly calculating and delivering the dose of radiation.

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 28,700 new cases of liver cancer will be diagnosed in 2012 while the percentage of Americans developing liver cancer has been slowly climbing for several decades.

To learn more or to find a physician visit www.ormc.org.

Orange Regional Medical Center is a member of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System.

About Orange Regional’s Comprehensive Cancer Services

The Spagnoli Family Cancer Center at Orange Regional Medical Center provides a comprehensive range of services for diagnosing and treating various types of cancers. From breast and lung cancer to esophageal and head or neck cancer, Orange Regional offers the latest diagnostic and cancer-fighting technologies, including robotic surgery, interventional oncology techniques and the most-advanced radiation therapy technology. Orange Regional Medical Center provides treatment options and procedures locally for all stages of cancer. Trained at the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, Orange Regional offers a team of experienced physicians and surgeons who are backed by our skillful, certified oncology nurses and caring staff. For more information visit www.ormc.org/cancer.

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