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Orange Regional Medical Center’s Spagnoli Family Cancer Center Offers Free Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Screenings

April 1, 2013

Middletown, NY- In recognition of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Orange Regional Medical Center’s Spagnoli Family Cancer Center is offering free oral, head and neck cancer screenings. Appointments are available during the week of April 15th at the Community Health Education Center, 110 Crystal Run Road, Middletown. Registration is required. To schedule an exam, please call The Orange Regional Health Connection at 1-888-321-ORMC (6762) by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10. Appointments are limited and will be made on a first come, first serve basis. Participants of the screening must be over 18 years of age. Screenings will be provided by Mark Driver, M.D.; Lissette Giraud, M.D.; Ofer Jacobowitz, M.D., PhD; Sergey Koyfman, D.O.; Phillip Massengill, M.D.; Donato Napoletano, D.M.D, and Kweon Stambaugh, MD.

According to the American Cancer Society, head and neck cancers account for about 3% to 5% of all cancers in the United States. This year, an estimated 54,000 will develop head and neck cancers. However, many symptoms go undetected, but, if diagnosed early, these cancers can be more easily treated without significant complications and the chances of survival greatly increase.

“We’re proud to offer this service to our community,” says Dr. Sergey Koyfman, Medical Director of Orange Regional’s Head and Neck Cancer Disease Management Team. “Early detection is vital to more favorable outcomes for those diagnosed with some form of oral, head and neck cancer.”

The signs and symptoms of oral cancer often go unnoticed though there are visible signs that require immediate attention, including:
• Red or white patches in the mouth that last more than two weeks
• Change in voice or hoarseness that lasts more than two weeks
• Sore throat that does not subside
• Pain or swelling in the mouth or neck that does not subside
• Lump in the neck
• Ear pain
• Difficulty speaking or swallowing
• Difficulty breathing

For more information about the services offered at Orange Regional’s Spagnoli Family Cancer Center or to find a Head and Neck Oncologist, please call 1-888-321-ORMC or visit www.ormc.org.

Orange Regional Medical Center is a member of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System.

About Orange Regional’s Comprehensive Cancer Services
The Spagnoli Family Cancer Center provides a comprehensive range of services for diagnosing and treating various types of cancers. From breast and lung cancer to esophageal and head or neck cancer, Orange Regional offers the latest diagnostic and cancer-fighting technologies, including robotic surgery, radio frequency ablation and the most-advanced radiation therapy technology. The Center provides treatment options and procedures locally for all stages of cancer. Trained at the nation’s most prestigious medical centers, Orange Regional offers a team of experienced physicians who are backed by our skillful, certified oncology nurses and caring staff. For more information visit www.ormc.org/cancer.

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