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ORMC Announces Medical Director of Tumor Site Development

November 2, 2010

Middletown, NY – Orange Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Nader Okby has been appointed as Medical Director of Tumor Site Development.

In this role, Dr. Okby, a pathologist, will work closely with leaders from Orange Regional’s Comprehensive Cancer Care Program including Medical Director of Oncology, Dr. Jeffrey Stewart, to oversee patient care and treatment for specific cancers.

Further development of the oncology program will enable Orange Regional to create “Centers” of Excellence within its Comprehensive Cancer Care Program. The goal of focusing on specific cancer programs is to provide comprehensive cancer care by improving existing services and expanding technology. Additionally, development of specific oncology programs will offer a multidisciplinary care approach to treating individual cancers. The multidisciplinary team approach benefits patients by providing a team of specialized clinicians, within the appropriate field, who will determine the best course of treatment upon reviewing and discussing pathology images, patient history, national guidelines and publications, latest treatments and therapies and more.

“A medical director helps facilitate development so that all of the clinical elements, support services and additional infrastructure are integrated into each program. As a result, we can improve patient outcomes and overall patient satisfaction,” said Dr. Okby.

In addition, Dr. Okby has been named Medical Director of the Lung Cancer Program, which is under development, and Chairman of the Lung Leadership Program Committee. He also serves as Medical Director of Laboratory Services at Orange Regional.

For more information on Comprehensive Cancer Care Services at Orange Regional Medical Center, visit www.ormc.org/cancer or call 1-888-321-ORMC (6762).

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