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Pediatric Unit Hero of the Month

December 30, 2016

The honorees of this program are children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have faced and overcome difficult circumstances and is a way to pay tribute to these children’s ability to overcome adversity can make a real and positive difference in their recovery.

Orange Regional Medical Center participates in this program by nominating children every month for the entire year as “Heroes of the Month.” Kids Wish Network then recognizes the children as that facility’s Heroes of the Month.  Each Hero child is awarded with special gifts

Meet our amazing Heros:


Cameron McAndrew

For the second time in a month, 4-year-old Cameron had to be admitted to the hospital but managed to keep a brave face. The outgoing and spunky kid has a history of severe complications from asthma so when he started have difficulty breathing, he was rushed to the emergency room. Cameron was also suffering from pneumonia, and doctors decided to admit him for a weeklong stay. During this time, Cameron underwent multiple steroid treatments and IV placements, but never let the pain or discomfort damper his spirits.


Luke Williams

After 21 days with a fever, he was finally symptom free and he is doing much better. We followed up with several specialists and are happy to report that Luke is 100% healed. He was officially diagnosed with “Fever of an Unknown Origin” caused by a super-virus.



Noah is doing well,  he is now successfully on the insulin pump and we are adjusting to life with Type 1 Diabetes. We are actively part of JDRF and will be participating in yearly walks for the cure. Noah is a very brave boy, and continues to inspire us everyday!

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