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Christine Dirks Shares Her Story: Hip Replacement Surgery Patient

October 1, 2018

52 year old resident of Port Jervis, NY, Christine Dirks, shares her experience with hip replacement surgery at Orange Regional Medical Center.

When Christine Dirks began experiencing hip pain several years ago, she was prescribed medication, had MRI’s done, but felt no relief or proper diagnosis of her hip condition.

As an active member of the YMCA in Middletown, as well as a YMCA Coordinator/Supervisor, Red Cross Instructor, Aquatics Teacher, and a new grandmother – she had begun to feel restricted by this pain in her everyday life. She couldn’t keep up with her granddaughter. She couldn’t bend down to pick something up. She had trouble swimming, and could no longer enjoy many of her active hobbies.

In the wake of falling very ill and being hospitalized, Christine found that she struggled to walk at all through the pain. Finally, in January 2018, Christine was having a CAT scan and was seeing Dr. Keller, Infectious Disease Specialist at Orange Regional Medical Group. Dr. Keller asked if she could introduce Christine to Dr. Eric Martin, Orange Regional Medical Group’s Orthopedic Surgeon. He came in and spoke with her, reviewed her x-rays, completed a physical review, and immediately recognized that her left leg was shorter than her right. This was the first time in all her years of treatments for her hip pain that Christine was ever told this.

“Anytime someone says they have hip pain or joint pain, I tell them about Dr. Martin.”

-Christine Dirks, Hip Replacement Surgery Patient

Hip Replacement Surgery at Orange Regional Medical Center

Christine immediately made an appointment with Dr. Martin and scheduled her surgery two weeks later. As a candidate of our advanced minimally invasive hip treatment, Christine received her hip replacement surgery by Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Eric Martin of Orange Regional Medical Group, and was discharged the same day.

Dr. Eric Martin performs a physical exam on a patient with hip pain.

Minimally-Invasive Hip Replacement Surgeries

At Orange Regional Medical Center, our orthopedic surgeons are treating patients with a minimally-invasive hip replacement procedure, in which there is no surgical dislocation of the hip and it’s possible for patients to walk within hours of surgery. The concept of tissue-sparing or “minimally invasive” surgery has been applied to hip replacement.

It is important to understand that true tissue-sparing surgery does not only mean a shorter skin incision, but also sparing critical muscles and tendons surrounding the hip. It is the sparing of this underlying soft tissue which allows patients to get back on their feet much quicker than with tradition hip replacement techniques. Patients tend to experience:

  • Shorter lengths of hospital stays
  • Lower rates of blood transfusions
  • More discharged home
  • Quicker return to daily activities

In comparison to national averages after Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA).

“The day of the surgery was great. Everyone was nice. Everyone introduced themselves. Very caring. They explained everything and I knew upfront what was going to happen,” says Christine. “Immediately following the surgery they had me up and walking. The pain was all gone, and I went home the same day.”

Christine accounts a quick recovery. She was able to return back to work 2 weeks after her surgery. And after 4 years of pain and discomfort, post-surgery, and now recovered – she continues to feel no pain in her everyday life. “I feel like a kid again,” says Christine.

“It’s wonderful to see a person that was debilitated to some level and can return back to what they are doing. They don’t think about the symptoms that they had anymore. The pain is relieved,” says Dr. Martin.

Thank you, Christine, for sharing your story with us and our community!!!

Eric L. Martin, M.D., FAAOS of Orange Regional Medical Group's Orthopedic Department

Eric L. Martin, M.D.

Dr. Martin is Board-certified in orthopedics by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons and is affiliated with Orange Regional Medical Group.

Dr. Martin earned his medical degree from New York University, completed both his general surgery internship and his residency at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stonybrook in addition to his reconstructive joint surgery fellowship from Rush University/St. Luke’s Medical Center & Central DuPage Hospital in Chicago, Ill.

Castle Connolly 2018 Top Doctor
Eric Martin, MD is recognized as a Top Doctor by Castle Connolly in 2018. To earn the title of Top Doctor, a physician must be nominated by a peer and vetted by the physician-led research team at Castle Connolly. Top Docs are among the most highly sought-after medical professionals in their communities. We are proud to have Dr. Martin practicing with us.

If you are interested in our minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, please call our office at 845-333-7575 to make an appointment with Dr. Martin.

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