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Phyllis Brown, ORMC Volunteer: Profiles in Giving

November 30, 2015

Profiles in Giving

When I was thinking about retirement four years ago I was somewhat concerned about what I would do with myself despite the fact that I have many hobbies and interests and a very high energy level. Because of my job as an elementary teacher and principal I was always so busy and my days were jam packed. What on earth was I going to do to occupy my time and keep myself busy? I found that I need not have worried because I am busier now than I ever thought I would be and often wonder how I possibly got everything done when I was working. I have a feeling that those of you who are retired feel the same way.

My own family has experienced numerous medical problems over the past twenty-five years and it occurred to me that since we are so grateful for the services of Orange Regional that I would enjoy being a volunteer there. I have had a variety of responsibilities at the hospital. I spend time in Case Management but am happy to say that I have finally found my niche in the Foundation office where I am working on many fundraising projects for our new medical center. In the Foundation office I have been trained to use a special computer program and have become knowledgeable about the features of this new facility. As a member of the Dream Team I have had several tours of the property which has stunning views of the Hudson Valley and will have incredible state of the art equipment. Because of our frequent visits to Orange Regional, the most important things for my family will be the expanded emergency room and the Peter Frommer Heart Center. I definitely won’t miss the walk up cardiac hill!

Phyllis Brown and Emma, her granddaughterI have learned about the generosity of the medical staff, the employees, the Trustees, the Board, the Auxiliary and the Community and am very gratified to see how committed everyone is to this enormous project – the first new hospital in New York in 20 years.

During the many times that my husband has been hospitalized he has been treated with dignity, and compassion. Some of his visits have been in the middle of the night and others have been short or long term stays. We cannot say enough about the staff at Orange Regional.

We are grateful to each and every person for making a difference and for helping my husband to get back on his feet and functioning independently. You have done a great deal to extend his life. Because we are so grateful, we decided to become donors ourselves to show our utmost appreciation.

Remember the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life?” well, in the Foundation office we have a bell and we ring it every time we get a new donation. We get very excited with each new gift because it brings us closer to reaching our goal of building a new Orange Regional Medical Center. I look forward to lots of bell ringing this year. (RING BELL) My challenge to each of you is to reach out to your friends, other employees, volunteers, and people in the community and have them join us in showing their gratitude. We cannot thank you enough for your own generosity and for sharing our vision of a new state of the art hospital to service our community. For this we are grateful! Thank you.

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