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The Frommer Family: Proudly Supporting Orange Regional Medical Center

December 30, 2015

When Peter Frommer, M.D., died in 2002, his son Don and his daughter-in-law Kathy donated funds to Orange Regional to establish the Peter Frommer, M.D. Heart Center. A research cardiologist for the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Frommer spent most of his adult life researching causes and cures for cardiac disease. “So much of what my father and his colleagues did led to what we know about heart disease today,” Mr. Frommer says. “We couldn’t think of a better way to memorialize his life’s work.”

The Heart Center will have a new home once construction of the new Orange Regional Medical Center is complete.

“We are very excited about the new hospital,” Ms. Frommer says, “It will transform health care as we know it today. The new facility will allow Orange Regional to excel in the services it currently provides as well as bring in valuable additional programs.”

“A hospital is an integral part of any community,” Ms. Frommer explains. “We have been very fortunate in our personal and business lives, and appreciate everything that Orange Regional has done, not only for our family, but as a local business owner, for our employees and their families.”

“As a non-profit hospital, Orange Regional depends on the support and commitment of the communities it serves, and that caring has helped fund the Medical Center for the past century. Healthcare today is under tremendous pressure, especially in New York State,” she says. “The Building for Excellence Capital Campaign is an extremely important part of what the hospital is and how it will be able to carry on its work.”

“Growing up, we all heard that phrase ‘if you have your health you have everything’ many times, but we never truly appreciate it until we age. It is true,” she says. “You can have materialistic possessions, but if you aren’t healthy, it is very difficult to be happy. A donation to the new hospital is something that benefits everyone in our community for a lifetime.”

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