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The Herschels: Ensuring Quality Care for Generations to Come

November 15, 2015

Rock Hill residents Joe and Christine Herschel saw an opportunity to teach their children the importance of philanthropy when Orange Regional Medical Center launched its Building for Excellence Capital Campaign.

“We wanted our kids to see what we are doing, and when given the opportunity, hopefully do the same themselves in the future,” said Herschel. What he and his wife didn’t expect was how immediate their children would embrace the concept and become part of the family’s decision as to where their gift to the new hospital should go.

“My wife and both of our children were born at Horton Hospital, and we have always gone to Orange Regional for our medical care,” Herschel said. When he began reading about the capital campaign, he immediately recognized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“We wanted to be part of the new Orange Regional Medical Center,” said Herschel. The family began discussing the donation options available to support the building of the state-of-the-art facility, and Herschel knew instantly he had a chance to memorialize his father, who has passed away only a few years ago.

“My father had suffered from heart problems, so what better way to mark the end of his life than through a naming opportunity?” Herschel said. The Herschels chose the Cardiac Rehabilitation waiting area for their designated donation.

As a donor, Herschel and his family were invited to a tour of the new hospital’s construction site in the Town of Wallkill. Following the tour, his daughter, Christina, suggested a pledge to support the hospital’s Rowley Birthing Center.

“We have deep roots in this community — both personally and professionally — and when my daughter commented how great it would be to deliver her children in a room named for our family, the decision was an easy one.”

For the Herschels, the new Orange Regional Medical Center will house two very special areas, representing significant turning points in their lives. What means even more to the Herschels is knowing that their donations will ensure the best quality care for residents of this area for generations to come.

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