For Physician’s Office Staff

Orange Regional Medical Center

Information For Physician's Office Staff

Appropriate Hospital Entrances for Hospital Services

Most of our outpatient services previously provided at the Orange Regional Medical Pavilion have now moved to our new Outpatient Building. If you are in need of the following services, please arrive for your appointment at 707 East Main Street and enter through the Outpatient Entrance:

Please direct patients to the Cancer Center Entrance for the following services:

  • Radiation oncology (True Beam and Rapid Arc Linear Accelerators)
  • Infusion Therapy

Contacts for Physician's Office Staff

We recognize that, at times, physicians and their office staff may need assistance with providing patients with an excellent experience both at Orange Regional Medical Center and at their offices. Please feel free to call or email any of the following leaders based on your question, need or concern. We will promptly respond.

Physician Liaison Alexandra Curiale
Alexandra Curiale
Physician Liaison

Janet Kovler, Manager, Bariatric Surgery Program
Janet Kovler
Manager, Bariatric Surgery Program

Linda Prioleau Manager, Bone & Joint Center
Linda Prioleau 
Manager, Bone & Joint Center

Regina Toomey Bueno, Administrator, Oncology Services
Regina Toomey Bueno
Administrator, Oncology Services

MaryKate Revella, Director, Cardiology Services
MaryKate Revella
Director, Cardiology Services

Shelly DeHaan, Manager,  Diabetes Treatment Center
Shelly DeHaan
Manager, Diabetes Treatment Center

Aida Arriaga, Director, Patient Access Management
Aida Arriaga
Director,  Patient Access Management

Sharon Geidel Nursing Director,  Oncology Care Services
Sharon Geidel
Nursing Director,  Oncology Care Services

Robert Davis, Director, Diagnostic Imaging
Robert Davis 
Director,  Diagnostic Imaging

Gene Bernieri, Administrator, Diagnostic Imaging
Gene Bernieri
Administrator,  Diagnostic Imaging

Jessica Weiss, Director of Diagnostic Imaging
Jessica Weiss
Director,  Diagnostic Imaging

Robin Brennan Seibel, Nursing Director,Emergency Department
Robin Brennan Seibel
Nursing Director,Emergency Department

oody Hubbard, Manager, PACS Support Staff
Woody Hubbard 
Manager,  PACS Support Staff

Deb Snyder, Administrator Emergency Services
Deb Snyder
Administrator Emergency Services

Theresa Bostock, Director,  Laboratory
Theresa Bostock 
Director,  Laboratory

Izabela Nowosielski, M.D., FHM
Izabela Nowosielski, M.D., FHM
Medical Director

Carmella Pistone-Halpern
Carmella Pistone-Halpern
Nursing Director, 4 East Rehabilitation

Kathleen De Rosa, Clerical Coordinator, Radiation Oncology
Kathleen De Rosa
Clerical Coordinator, Radiation Oncology

Tracy VanPelt, Nursing Director, Rowley Family Birthing Center
Tracy VanPelt 
Nursing Director, Rowley Family Birthing Center

Frank Salvatore, Director, Respiratory Therapy
Frank Salvatore
Director,  Respiratory Therapy

Audrey Lewis, Director, Medical Staff Services
Audrey Lewis
Director, Medical Staff Services

Deborah Glebocki, OTD, OTR/L, and CHT to the position of Director of Outpatient PT, OT and Speech.
Deborah Glebocki
Director, Outpatient Rehabilitation

Joe Chavez Carey, Primary Care Medical Director
Joe Chavez Carey
Primary Care Medical Director

Donna Tinkham, Administrator, Perioperative Services
Donna Tinkham
Administrator, Perioperative Services

Betty Koshy, Manager, Radiation Oncology
Betty Koshy
Manager,  Radiation Oncology


When ordering tests or procedures at Orange Regional Medical Center, please make sure your patient is sent with an order/prescription form with the following elements to expedite their care:

Elements of a Best Practice Order Form

  • All writing must be legible
  • No abbreviations
  • Body site and side must be specific
  • MD signature needed
  • MD name pre-printed or stamped
  • Date on script
  • Quality pause elements needed including patient phone number
  • Test (CPT) complies with diagnosis
  • (ICD-9) for medical necessity per patient ins. plan
  • Faxed to Inbound so patients do not have to struggle reading or misinterpret testing (845) 333-9009

Index of Phone Numbers & Services

Breast Health - 845-333-7050
Digital Mammography, Biopsy & Ultrasound

Cardiac Rehabilitation - 845-333-1000

Cardiology Testing - 845-333-7050
Stress tests, echo cardiogram, tilt table tests, holter monitor, event monitor, transesophageal echocardiogram, (EKG, no appt. needed)

Diabetes Treatment - 845-333-2711

Diagnostic Imaging  -  845-333-7050
Bone densitometry, digital mammography, LifeScan, 64 slice CT scan, MRI, open bore MRI, nuclear radiology, PET scan, PET/CT scan, ultrasound and vascular lab, x-ray (no appointment necessary for x-ray)

Drug and Alcohol Abuse - 845-333-7818

EEG - 845-333-7050

Infusion Therapy - 845-333-1000

Mental Health Services - 845-333-7800

Outpatient Nutrition Services - 845-333-2711

Pre-Surgical Testing (PST) - 845-333-3499

Pulmonology Function Tests - 845-333-7050

Rehabilitation - 845-333-7300
Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy

Radiation Oncology – 845-333-2326