Rowley Family Birthing Tours

Tour Orange Regional Medical Center's Birthing Center

Expectant parents planning to deliver their new bundle of joy(s) at our Rowley Family Birthing Center are encouraged to join us for a tour of our facilities before their due date arrives. We find that touring the facilities before labor and delivery helps our moms and dads feel more comfortable on this special day. The tours are conducted by an RN from the Rowley Family Birthing Center and includes a review of admission procedures, followed by visits to the Triage area, Labor & Delivery Unit and a Labor Room (if available).

Registration is required, call 1-888-321-6762 or visit:
Mother and ONE guest ONLY need to be enrolled. Guest can be any age.

Details of Your Birthing Center Tour

Tours begin with a review of admission procedures, followed by visits to the Labor & Delivery (L&D) Unit, Mother/Baby Unit and Nursery.

Admission Procedures at Rowley Family Birthing Center

During the first part of the tour, the following details will be explained:

  • Security at the Rowley Family Birthing Center
  • Identifying three personal labor and delivery support people and their roles during labor and delivery
  • Pain relief options
  • Breast or bottle feeding options and information
  • Flat panel televisions and telephone in all inpatient rooms
  • Individual temperature control units
  • Hostess service dining

What To Expect During in Labor/Delivery

Visit to the Nursery includes topics of discussion:

  • After the birthing process and your baby’s transition
  • Photo opportunities and privacy considerations
  • Neonatology on-staff should the need arise

Visitation Policies & Newborn Care Explained

The tour to Mother/Baby area will cover our visitation policies, which are subject to change should a community health issue arise. Topics will include:

  • Visitation policy
  • Necessity of each visitor holding a visitor’s pass
  • Visiting hours are from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. for visitors 13 years and older. Siblings of any age are welcome. No visitors between 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. “Mommy and me rest time” with the exception of significant other. 24-hour visiting privileges for the father/partner/ support person

We will also cover the second part of your stay at the Rowley Family Birthing Center, post-delivery in the Mother/Baby area, including newborn care and support, such as:

  • The usual length of stay
  • Lactation support for breastfeeding mothers
  • Circumcision
  • Newborn screening test (NY State mandate)
  • Shaken baby video (NY State mandate)
  • Hearing Screening (NY State mandate)
  • Vitamin K and Erythromycin (NY State mandate)
  • Choosing a pediatrician prior to birth
  • Necessity of car seat for departure
  • Discharge time and process

How to Register

Registration is required, call 1-888-321-6762 or visit:
Mother and ONE guest ONLY need to be enrolled. Guest can be any age.

We look forward to meeting you! Please meet in the hospital lobby for the beginning of tour.

Birthing Tour Schedule


Class/Event Refund Policy: Should you need to cancel your class registration, please call us at 888-321-ORMC (888-321-6762) as soon as possible.

Inclement Weather Policy: The hospital reserves the right to waive part or all course fees if inclement weather patterns result in the cancellation of the course. The level of refund given to enrollees, if any, will be determined by the number of class hours attended by each enrollee.

Couples/Family Enrollment Policy: Certain courses are designed for couples or multiple family members to attend. The fee charged for these courses applies to both persons as a unit (unless otherwise expressed in the event description), and both persons are required to attend. Discount and refund policies apply to both persons as a unit.

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Should you have any questions about your stay at Orange Regional Medical Center or about planning to visit a family or friend who is a patient, do not hesitate to contact us at 845-333-1000.

Support Groups & Classes

At Orange Regional Medical Center, we believe that the support system we provide to our community and patients is just as important as the clinical care that we provide. This is why we offer several support groups and community educational classes to our patients, who may be experiencing a variety of different hardships or currently undergoing surgery or oncology treatment.