Intervascular Ultrasound

Doctors at Orange Regional Medical Center performing a cardiac procedure called intravascular ultrasound.

Intervascular Ultrasound

Intervascular ultrasound (IVUS) or intravascular echocardiography is a diagnostic procedure performed in combination of echocardiography and a cardiac catheterization procedure for purposes of studying and evaluating a patient’s coronary arteries from the inside out. 

During the procedure, sound waves are emitted through a tiny ultrasound wand that is attached to the top of a catheter. The catheter is threaded through an artery, typically in your groin area, and is moved up into your heart. The sound waves from the ultrasound wands reflect off the blood vessels producing an ultrasound image - which allows your cardiologist to analyze and determine the condition of your coronary arteries.

Intervascular ultrasound (IVUS) are commonly used for the purpose of:

  • Measuring the stage and severity of disease present in the cardiac and peripheral vessels or arteries
  • View post-stent placement procedures to confirm adequate expansion of the stent
  • View the artery to evaluate the amount of disease present, how it is distributed and, in some cases, what it is made of
  • Determine the need for additional treatment (angioplasty or bypass surgery)

After the procedure is completed, the catheter and ultrasound equipment will be removed and your nurse or clinical staff will bandage up the area of insertion. You may be instructed to remain lying flat on your back while applying pressure to the insertion area after the test to prevent bleeding.

Patients requiring specialized ultrasounds of veins and arteries are referred to our Vascular Lab, located at Orange Regional Medical Center, which offers non-invasive testing for vascular diseases.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Patient on an excercise machine in ORMC's Peter Frommer Heart Center cardiac rehabilitation center.Rehabilitation is a key component of your cardiac recovery. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive services to help you build a healthier heart. A physician referral is required to receive cardiac rehabilitation.  After your physician submits a referral package to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, our experienced team will contact you to schedule your individual, pre-program evaluation.

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