Breast Biopsy

Biopsy Diagnostic Services

If other cancer screening techniques or diagnostic tests indicate some signs or symptoms of breast cancer, your physician will probably recommend and refer you to our diagnostic imaging center for a breast biopsy. 

This is an examination of tissues and cells removed by a surgeon from the suspect area to discover the presence, cause, or extent of disease. There are many different kinds of breast biopsies and your doctor will recommend the appropriate procedure for you based on the size of the suspicious mass, where it located, it there are multiple masses, your overall health, as well as the patient's personal preferences. You doctor can further review each type of biopsies, the pros and cons of each, and what you can expect during the procedure. 

Please remember: needing a breast biopsy does not mean that you have cancer - most results do not show cancerous cells; however, a biopsy is the only way to effectively diagnose and put you to the path of cancer treatment.

Our Biopsy Services

Our comprehensive Breast Biopsy services offers multiple systems and technology that allow early detection and precise treatment plans for patients, including:

Breast MRI and Breast MRI Biopsy

Performed on our high-field Open Bore MRI located adjacent to the Breast Center, this Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) technology is for women at high risk for developing breast cancer. Breast MRI and MRI-guided biopsy is a powerful tool for breast-cancer screening which helps patients get earlier and more precise treatments.

3D Breast Tomosynthesis Biopsy

We have recently expanded our range of imaging solutions for breast health by offering the 3D tomosynthesis breast biopsy. This procedure is offered in conjunction with the 3D Mammography. We are proud to be the first hospital in Orange County to implement the biopsy capability with 3D Breast tomosynthesis.

The 3D breast biopsy procedure is designed for the localization and accurate targeting of specific areas in the breast and is especially important for targeting areas not always detected in 2D images or when using other technologies. This new biopsy technique has numerous advantages over traditional stereotactic biopsy procedures, including faster targeting, reduced patient procedure time, and overall, helping to better detect cancers at their earliest stages. Please ask your doctor if the 3D Breast Biopsy procedure is right for you.

Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsy

This procedure is performed by the radiologist using ultrasound guidance – an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce precise images of structures within your body. During this procedure, you lie on your back or side on an ultrasound table.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Orange Regional Medical Center offers a stereotactic mammography and breast biopsy system that can eliminate the need for surgical biopsies through minimally invasive techniques. The stereotactic breast biopsy system assists in the diagnosis of early-stage cancer by providing women with an alternative to surgical biopsy.

Unlike traditional surgical biopsy, which requires a large skin incision, and unlike core-needle biopsy, which requires multiple insertions of the device, the system requires only a single insertion and minimizes injury to the surrounding healthy tissue. The procedure requires only a local anesthetic and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Should you have any questions about your stay at Orange Regional Medical Center or about planning to visit a family or friend who is a patient, do not hesitate to contact us at 845-333-1000.

Receiving Test Results

Once images are taken, they are immediately available for review by your doctor through our secure Web viewer. Test results are delivered electronically via our GE IntegradWeb Picture Archive Computer System (PACS) to aid in fast diagnosis.

To request a copy of your diagnostic imaging exam, call us at: 845-333-1222