“Dear Mr. Batulis,
My wife, Donna Conklin, was a patient in your hospital’s rehabilitation unit from September 16, 2013 to October 3, 2013. This letter serves to commend your medical center’s rehabilitation staff. At the risk of leaving out so many caring individuals who work in the unit, I will make mention of three very special employees.
First and foremost is Carmella Pistone-Halpern. The word I use to describe Carmella is “ubiquitous”. She was simply anywhere and everywhere. No matter where I was in your facility from our arrival in the ER to our transfer to a sub-acute rehabilitation facility, she was there. She was on her game every day and I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation for her help and her hands-on management style.
The second person is Lucy Ricardo, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Lucy was very thorough and instrumental in often helping Donna even though she wasn’t nece3ssarily assigned to her for care or therapy. She provided insight, education, and website information to us which had since proven invaluable. Lucy is not only a very competent and perceptive doctor, she also went above and beyond. This manifested itself though her sincere level of care, concern and encouragement.
The third and final employee is a rehabilitation nurse, June Maniaci. June developed a very special relationship with Donna. When Donna was discouraged or upset June would encourage and comfort her. June also cheered her on when therapy didn’t go well or when Donna was missing her two children at home. One additional item that should be noted was that June called to follow up on how Donna was progressing weeks after she discharged. This reiterates the kind of person she was and it meant an awful lot to Donna.
As Chief Operating Officer of a company, I know that only a few people take the time to send a letter expressing their gratitude. When I receive a letter commending my staff it means a lot to me. It is my hope that this letter produces the same for you and your special staff mentioned.”
Sincerely, Donald E. Conklin, Washingtonville, NY