“I first found out about the STAR program when I was in the hospital for a lung infection. Before that, I was not really moving around all that much. I have a very rare type of lung cancer, only about 2,000 cases per year. It’s treatable but not curable. I went through 60 rounds of radiation and 6 cycles of chemo so it really did wipe me out. But I am determined to fight this, hoping someday to go back to work.
While I was in the hospital, Diane came in and told me about the STAR Program. At first I was not interested, then finally agreed and started mid-August. I got stuck with “Mean Mary” as my therapist. The first day was explaining about the program and doing a few exercises. Mary always kept track of my O2 levels and my heart rate. She was actually very nice and never pushed me when I couldn’t go anymore. I didn’t realize how much muscle strength I lost I started using them again. Then Mary decided to take a vacation, which seemed like forever. While she was away, I was introduced to Amy, who was also very kind. She never pushed me over the limit and always made sure I was feeling ok. I wish I could have both of them as therapists.
I really enjoy the program, it has motivated me, and given me a positive attitude about dealing with all of this, and I look forward to coming to each session and doing my exercises at home.” Thank you. Kenneth Oboyski, Chester, NY