“I am so appreciative of the care and concern I received during my recent visit to the Ray W. Moody, M.D. Breast Center. A busy staff took the time to listen to me and contacted my physician to request a diagnostic mammogram. This is what patient care is all about and why I have not switched mammogram providers to Crystal Run Healthcare! ORMC clearly understands this.  I wish to especially thank and recognize the following employees:

Elizabeth Thorpe, Front Desk Assistant, who listened to my distressed complaints about pain and summoned other staff members to help me. She made eye contact with me and took the time to be communicative and caring.
Michelle Worden, R.N. and Patient Navigator. She explained the medical terms to me clearly and stayed with me during the entire appointment from start-to-finish. She is a fountain of knowledge and still is very much in touch with the human element. She is an asset to your practice and I will keep coming back because of her and her colleagues. Sadly, so many members of the medical establishment do not have both of these necessary qualities.
Gerry Sylvester, Mammogram Tech, was caring and thorough. I was experiencing terrible pain which made the procedure difficult. She remained patient and did her best to make me as comfortable as possible and to reassure me. This was the first time I was ever offered a padding for the machine; previously, I never knew this existed. And, I wasn’t charged for this.
If it weren’t for these caring, professional people, I probably would not have had my mammogram and breast ultrasound done because of the severe pain I was in. I lost confidence in some of my doctors and my tolerance was in negative numbers for what the insurance companies have done to our healthcare system.
I also had an excellent team two years ago in March 2010 when I had a biopsy done at your facility. I am very gratfeful to them, as well.”  Sincerely, Edwina A. Balentine, Harriman, NY