Arthur DeSantis

I am writing to congratulate you and your staff at Orange Regional Medical Center for the excellent patient care I received during a recent stay at the Horton Campus. On November 9, I checked into the hospital for a hip revision under the care of Dr. Kevin Trapp. Having had two total hip replacements fifteen years ago on Long Island, I knew what to expect and was not looking forward to the revision especially in a place I was not familiar with. Deep down, I was hoping the new hospital was open thinking somehow it would be better, but didn’t want to wait until next year to have the procedure done. I checked into the hospital at 7:30 a.m. on November 9 and everything went smoothly. The nurse prepped me and inserted an IV then moved me down to meet the anesthesiologist who was great. He put me under then administered the epidural and added another IV and catheter, all while I was under sedation. I can’t tell you how important that was, not being awake for those procedures. After the surgery, I recovered in a private room on the fifth floor. The nurses, aides and entire staff were attentive, but not intrusive. They worked around the clock making sure I had everything. Dr. Trapp visited each morning to check up and provide status. Over the course of four days and many shifts, I saw many people who performed their job in a happy, upbeat and friendly manner. The atmosphere was very conducive to healing; even the surroundings were clean and well maintained. If I didn’t know better, I could have been in the new hospital.
After being discharged on November 12, I received two follow up calls from the hospital to see how I was doing, find out if there was anything I needed and make sure I made an appointment with the doctor to have the staples removed. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during a scary time.
It takes a lot of hard work and a dedicated staff to provide the excellent care you have afforded me during my stay at the hospital. Please extend my many thanks and gratitude to your staff and keep doing the great things you do.”  Sincerely,
Arthur DeSantis, Goshen