Carol Egan

“I wanted to thank everyone at this facility for the quality of care and compassion they showed during my stay. I went into the emergency room at about 1am February 4th, and left on Feb 7th. The staff in every part of the hospital was compassionate, friendly, they made me laugh which kept my spirits up, they were attentive, everyone from the nurses in 5 South to “Mike” who came to clean the room, everyone was really great. The doctors explained everything to me and took time to answer all my questions. I wasn’t expecting a private room but it made being there so much easier, and the food (once I got to actually try it) was not what I expected from a hospital.
There were 2 things that came up that I think you could improve on, better pillows for one. The other is to have more comfortable chairs in the rooms for visitors. For someone like my husband with a bad back the chairs were not something he could sit in for any length of time, it was almost like they were too straight and didn’t recline enough to make him comfortable.
If those are the only 2 things I can point out to improve on I’d say you’re in pretty good shape. Its a great facility, I will recommend it to anyone that has a choice of what hospital to go to in this area.”  Thanks again for all you do, Carol Egan