Carol LoGrasso Ridgewood

“I am writing to thank you for the superior assistance my father Michael Ferro received in your Emergency Room on October 30, 2012. In the midst of Hurricane Sandy my family found ourselves in a dire situation. My father Michael Ferro is suffering from end stage Alzheimer’s disease. My family cares for him at home in Monroe, New York, with necessary medical equipment, including life support oxygen equipment. During the storm my parents experienced hardship including a home surrounded by multiple downed trees. With two trees falling onto the roof of their home, downed electric wires and complete loss of power. Given my fathers condition of COPD, chronic pneumonia and limited oxygen, we had to send him to Orange Regional Medical Center.

In the Emergency Room, he was checked to ensure his health was stable, in addition to ensuring he was not transported back to an unsafe environment. In your ER, I had the privilege of meeting a person whom I call “my angel”. I happened to be in my fathers room there having “an emotional break down”, feeling extreme anxiety and concern on how we would handle ensuring my father had a safe environment to be cared for in, since his home environment was no longer a safe place for him to be. As I looked up from my uncontrollable sobbing there stood Debbie Hewitt, there to ask me if there was something she could do to help. A kind, compassionate face, at a time when I was hearing a lot of “sorry we know you’re in a difficult situation but there is nothing we can do”. Debbie listened, followed-up and helped me to find the right people there to assist me in my emergency situation. With the assistance of Robin Brennan-Seibel and Susan Kalin my fathers health and well-being were made a priority. Given the late hour in the day, Robin ensured he was not transported back to a home with multiple hazards including downed electric lines and trees. She made sure he was not transported back to an unsafe environment at night by ambulance on roads that were difficult to travel given the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. She cared enough to put my fathers safety first, above all else. The following day I was contacted by his case worker Susan Kalin who worked with me and had the necessary medical equipment sent to an alternative safe location with power and heat where we could care for my father while we waited for the power to be turned back on at his home. She had him transported safely after there was a reliable safe place set up to care for him in.
Debbie, Robin and Susan are three amazing women. I can say this as in my time of need I received a lot of “there’s nothing we can do”, “sorry everyone is in a bad situation”, “call someone else for help”. Not at your hospital, they listened, they cared, and they put a human being first. No “canned answers”, no “sorry we can’t help you” from three compassionate, caring and kind women. They comforted me, helped me, and assured me they would put the patient first! and that’s just what they did.
I commend you for hiring women like these to care for your patients, they are truly committed professionals dedicated to making Orange Regional a superior medical provider. I cannot thank them enough for their unwavering support and un-paralled assistance. Please thank them for me and my family we are eternally grateful to them and to Orange Regional Medical Center for a job beyond well done!
Thank you and god bless my angels for without them my story would not have had a happy ending.”  With Sincerest Thanks and Gratitude,  Carol LoGrasso Ridgewood, NJ