Cathleen P. Lear

I would be sorely remiss if I did not take the opportunity to thank you, the Administrative staff, the Board of Directors and employees for providing a wonderful hospital experience.
I attended a Joint Replacement Seminar, led by Simone Stein. What a satisfying program for prospective patients to learn, exchange ideas, ask questions and be as well informed as possible about joint replacement surgery. Mrs. Stein was impeccably prepared and conveyed information, sharing her expertise in a caring, professional manner which left no doubt for anyone that ORMC was a premier institution to select for this surgery.
On June 8, Dr. Trapp performed a total hip replacement for me at ORMC. From the admission to short stay, the visitation by the operating room nurses who would be working with Dr. Trapp and the excellent care by Dr. Sharma, I was put at ease and knew, without a doubt, that I was in the right place. The recovery room staff was supportive and professional. I went to the Bone and Joint Unit for my initial recovery. Simone Stein, each and every nurse and staff member conveyed a sense of confidence and were supremely encouraging and supportive.
The entire experience made me proud that I am a Nurse. I hope that you will convey my deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude for providing superlative care which was positive in every aspect. Thank you.  Sincerely,
Cathleen P. Lear, Burlingham