Clifford M. Teich, M.D.

“I recently was an inpatient in O.R.M.C. Horton campus intensive care unit. I had a sudden medical problem that required immediate intervention. The last time I was a patient in a hospital was 40 years ago for a ruptured appendix. I am a physician on the staff at Horton Hospital for the past 27 years and have always been an avid supporter of our fine facility and even served for several years as the vice-chairman of the medical staff.
I had to make an immediate decision as to where I should be admitted—New York City major medical center or Horton Hospital. I chose Horton and wish to relate to you as well as all our community about my experience there. I was treated with the utmost courtesy by everyone. The physicians were superlative. The quality of care rendered to me was speedy and top-shelf. The nurses were absolutely incredible. They were reassuring and made a negative experience become a most positive experience. Everyone treated me with concern for my well-being and exhibited a prowess I cannot even fully describe. I am not just espousing the care given to me by the physicians and dedicated nurses- I am in deepest appreciation of the phlebotomists, lab techs, radiologists, radiology nursing, dietary dept., and even the housekeeping/janitorial services. It was a team effort beyond compare. These are the very people I work with every day of my life and consider them all my 2nd family.
Thankfully, I am fine now. I really feel it was due to the superlative treatment I received at MY hospital. The slogan “Quality Care Close to Home” is not just an advertisement – it is a reality. O.R.M.C. can be very proud. I say this not only as a prominent but humble physician on its staff, but more as a patient who experienced life on the “other side”. I am indebted to the entire care I received and appreciative to all who were entwined in my care. With great admiration,”
Clifford M. Teich, M.D. Bloomingburg, NY