Danielle Cintron

“My name is Danielle Cintron and I recently had a procedure done at the Horton Campus in Middletown on April 9, 2010. My procedure was a Laparoscopy performed by Dr. Kipoliongo. I just wanted to compliment each member of the staff for how friendly and helpful they each were. From the security guard when we first walked in at the front desk to the very last nurse that helped me for my discharge. Everyone was so warm and you could really tell that they loved what they did. The nurses were absolutely incredible. Each nurse treated me with kindness, respect and courtesy. I was a little nervous going into the hospital but after speaking with each one of your nurses my nerves calmed down. They were so comforting and kind that my short stay was a happy and easy one. Everyone at the hospital had a smile on their face and never once seemed to be upset or annoyed with any questions my family or I had. Members of the surgical team must also be complimented on their professionalism and compassion. I just would like to thank everyone at the hospital for their kindness and courtesy towards my family and I. My family felt welcoming and comforted while they were waiting. I would 100 percent recommend your hospital to anyone who is going in for a procedure.” Sincerely, Danielle Cintron, Washingtonville