Deborah Decker

“First I have to tell you that I have never written a letter like this before but I felt so compelled to do so because of the absolutely wonderful staff that you have in your emergency room at the Horton Hospital branch. I had to visit your emergency room on Monday, January 18 at about 4:30pm. I had been a patient at the Long Island Jewish North Shore Hospital for two days prior where I was diagnosed with diverticulitis. I was supposed to be on my way to a two week vacation in Florida (that’s how I ended up in that hospital, it was by the airport). I had been complaining of a horrible headache that was getting worse and worse and they (NS Hospital staff) kept telling me that it was from a lack of caffeine, which I had been used to drinking but did not because I was violently ill. I knew I did not have a caffeine headache because it was too severe for that. I walked into your emergency room where I was seen by your nurse, Terese Morgan, who took one look at me and went immediately to the Dr. on staff at the time for an order for pain meds which she got and administered right away. She was kind, loving and caring above and beyond anyone I had ever encountered in my life. After telling her what I had been through the past few days, she was even more kind and caring. It was absolutely unbelievable! Then Dr. Jefferson came in to see me and within ten minutes he had me pre-diagnosed with spinal meningitis (viral). I was very ill. He did two tests. First, he did a CT scan of my head to insure that I didn’t have a bleed, which came back negative. Then he did a spinal tap, which I was not too happy about doing, but he was very kind and gently to me and your nurse, Terese was hugging me the whole time and helping me through what was to me, a very scary ordeal.
I ended up being with Terese through her whole shift that night and during that whole time she was extremely attentive, caring and professional. I am feeling much better now, although it is taking me a while to get over that illness, I will never forget the kindness and caring and professionalism that I received from your excellent staff. I had a feeling of well being and that I was finally in good hands which I found to be very comforting during such a horrible time for me. You are lucky to have these individuals in your employ. They are an asset to your hospital. Please do something wonderful for them, they deserve it and I would appreciate it very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind attention to this matter.” Sincerely,
Deborah Decker, Goshen