Erin Storch

“Dear Mr. Scott Batulis,
I would like to extend my thanks for the very professional and caring team you have at ORMC. I brought my mother, Sheila F. Healy, into the ER on Sunday 3/8/2014 and was quickly greeted by the receptionist. We explained that my mother was having a severe anxiety attack and was seeking treatment. She was called right away into the Main Nurse who was sooooo lovely and understanding to my mother’s condition. She treated my mother with compassion and calmness to help ease her anxieties. She then explained the process, in a very professional manner, of entering the mental health unit.
The security guard was kind and gentle as he led us into the changing area. I did not feel like anyone was judging my mother which happens in our society in matters concerning mental health. We were taken care of by the kindest nurse, Mrs. Pat Moran. She was so comforting, taking the time to talk to my mother and reassure her. She took her blood pressure many times to relieve my mother of the thought that something terrible was going to happen. She even held my mothers hands while she was talking to her. She brought us dinner and it felt as if she knew us for years. I must say that she made being at the hospital an enjoyable experience.

Please pass on my compliments, so that these fine individuals know that they are appreciated. I would like to suggest that you have a comment page on your website so that people can see what a great hospital we have in our community. Thank you and may God bless ORMC”.  With gratitude,  Erin Storch, Pine Bush