Gloria & John Mullarkey

“Thank you.  It is important to us to say thank you for the first-rate, quality care my husband received while a patient at the Horton Campus.  Not only was he treated with attentive care and concern, but my well being was addressed also.  We were both very impressed with the professionalism and kindness of ALL who oversaw his care while recovering from pneumonia.  From the moment we entered the Emergency Room and treatment was begun, John calmed down, and we both felt confident that everything would be fine.  He was in good hands.
John reached the Emergency Room extremely distressed and agitated.  He is a Dystonia patient, had just had major carotid artery surgery, and was very congested.  He had been discharged from another medical center the evening before.  Having reached Horton, it was reassuring to be listened to and to have our concerns addressed, which they weren’t at the other facility.  And, as it turned out, our concerns were legitimate, because John did have pneumonia.
We cannot speak more highly of the case nurse and personnel in the Emergency Room, the nurses, hospitalists and ALL who were charged with John’s care in Room 434 from August 29 – September 3.  Overnight John became a “happy camper” and my stress level lessened too.  The care was outstanding and very positive.  Everyone was so considerate.  John was always informed about this treatment and the staff went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable and content. I was so relieved personally with the care he was receiving, I was able to go back to work.  I needn’t be at the hospital all day.  Your staff is a credit to the hospital! Our heartfelt thanks to all”.  Very Sincerely, Gloria  & John Mullarkey, Middletown, NY