James A. Bair, Jr.

“Recently my wife, Rae Bair, had a double knee replacement done at your hospital. Her operation, to date, has been a complete success. She is just over a month into the healing process and already is walking unassisted. She still feels some discomfort and her energy levels are still low, but that is to be expected, we were told.
Her remarkable recovery from the double knee replacement is in no small way because of the surgeon we had, Dr. Eric Martin. But, once he turned Rae over to your staff for the healing end of the process, everything only went further uphill.
Our first contact with your staff was when we met Simone Stein, manager of the Bone and Joint Center. She presented the pre-surgical class we attended. This class was most informative. The information supplied was very helpful in that it got us completely ready for the task ahead. When we got to the hospital the day for surgery, Simone was there, at that very early hour, to greet us and to see that we got through the in-processing activities in good order. She was involved with the after care in the surgical section and she stayed in the process until we left the hospital. Simone is an outstanding professional.
Once Rae was released to the Rehab Unit, we had the distinct opportunity to meet Ms. Carmella P. Halpern, Nurse Director-Rehab Unit. She took Rae under her wing. There were a few issues that needed to be handled and Carmella saw them through to our happy and healthy satisfaction. Carmella is another outstanding professional who used her management skills to guide her great staff to make Rae’s experience in the unit the best that it could have possibly have been. You are most fortunate to have a person such as Carmella on your staff and so were we!
I wish that I knew the names of all the hard working staff members that came in contact with Rae while she was in the hospital. Their attitudes were excellent. They were all, every one of them, focused on the mission to see that Rae was given the best care that they could have provided. This applies to the entire staff, the volunteers at the front door, the folks in charge of sparkle, the food staff, the Aids, and the Nurses each did their jobs efficiently, effectively, and with a smile when needed. Because of the way that they each approached their jobs, we knew that all these busy people were in the game!
Thank you for allowing me to share our experiences with you. Thank you for the great work you do at Horton Hospital.” Sincerely,
James A. Bair, Jr., Montgomery