Jeanne Kassis

“My name is Jeanne Kassis and my mother, Catherine Patterson, was admitted to Orange Regional Hospital, Room 103, Goshen, on December 8 and passed away on December 14, 2010. Words can not express how much my family and I appreciate the care that the staff on 1 North provided not only to our mother, but to us as well. My mother was a kind, smart,
beautiful, loving woman who had battled Alzheimer’s Disease for more then 10 years. The care, respect and compassion that she was treated with at OCRC enabled her to pass with dignity and for that we are eternally grateful. During my mother’s 6 day stay, the staff on 1 North
made sure that my family and I were comfortable and that we had everything we needed during the long days and nights that we spent at her bed side. Although it was very difficult to watch my mother’s demise, there is no place that my family and I would rather have been
during that time, and the time that the nurses, aides and doctors spent with us truly made an unbelievably sad, emotional time bearable. Even after my mother’s passing, the empathy that was shown to us was heartfelt and will never be forgotten. The staff on 1 North were truly
amazing and I am so grateful that they were all a part of my mother’s care. I apologize for not specifically naming individual people, but I am so afraid I will leave someone out. If there is anyway possible for you to accommodate me, I would love for this email to be placed in each
of their files. Your Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, it’s members and the rest of the staff at ORMC should all be proud of the care that your staff on 1North is providing and I can only hope that all of the patients that come through your doors experience what my family and I have. Thank you for the time you put into training your staff and I thank your staff for the compassion and time they took in caring for my mother.”  Sincerely,
Jeanne Kassis