Jennifer Brach

“I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for twenty-one years and over that long period of time have been in dozens of hospitals and medical offices.  Never once have I felt compelled to send a letter about my experience, until now. 

On January 16th, I was an outpatient for an endoscopy and colonoscopy.  The entire experience was moving along until it was discovered that I needed a pregnancy test prior to the procedures.  This was a huge problem because I have no feeling or movement in my lower body and was already on the bed and ready to go.  Without getting too graphic, needless to say, using a bedpan or commode was not an option.  At that point, the two nurses assigned to me didn’t quite know how to handle the situation as I became upset.  Along  came a nurse who I will forever be grateful to.  Her name was Loretta Grahn and I must tell you what a special employee she is and how well she represented ORMC. 

Nurse Grahn came over and saw what the problem was and sprung into action.  At first she suggested one way it could be done, but then the wheels in her mind were turning and she thought of an even better way.  Again, without getting too personal, she took very good care of me and made everything better.  She put me at ease and handled things with empathy, compassion, and professionalism.  This whole time my daughter was with me and observed how kind Nurse Grahn was.  My daughter is a senior at MSMC in the RN nursing program and wants to emulate the way Nurse Grahn cared for me.  It really was exceptional and she should be recognized for going above and beyond to help me, just some patient that she came across on that Friday.  It may have all seemed routine to her, but for me as a patient, it felt like she put herself in my shoes and helped make a stressful moment more bearable.

Thank you to Nurse Grahn and to ORMC for having such an exceptional employee.  She truly is an asset to your hospital and should be recognized as such.  As I said, over two decades I’ve never written to a medical facility to praise an employee, but this care was so extraordinary, that I felt I simply had to recognize Loretta and thank her and ORMC.”  Respectfully, Jennifer Brach