Jim Fiser, Port Jervis

“Last month, 22 February 2010, I had right knee replacement surgery at Horton, and, after recovery had finished with me, I was transferred to your floor for a couple of days. What I remember of those days was very interesting. If I were a comedian, I would make all kinds of wise comments like constantly being woken up for vital signs, medications, etc.; but I’m not and I won’t. Instead, I want to make some serious comments about how you all treated me.
One thing I noticed was the feeling that everyone who dealt with me seemed to care how I felt, what my questions were, and how nervous I seemed to be. I was quite highly impressed with the attitude almost everyone on the floor showed…that of caring and concern. That attitude seemed to pervade the entire unit, at least as far as I could see. The sense of being an individual with cares, needs, and (yes) fears, was greatly enhanced by little things such as (1) being addressed by name, and not “the knee in 550”, (2) each person introducing herself or himself, along with her/his title and function, and (3) being kept informed about what had happened, was about to happen, and the results and progress being made.
I also noticed that everyone was very courteous toward my visitors, and treated them like valuable parts of the healthcare team, and not “somebody who was in the way.” That meant a lot to me and those who did visit.
My original plan was going to be single out a few outstanding people, but I soon realized that would be impossible at best and incomplete at worst. Everyone I encountered seemed to go over and above the call of duty to teach that higher level of professionalism we so often do not see today. Have no fear…it is alive and well on The Bone Unit! Thank you for all you have done.” Sincerely,
Jim Fiser, Port Jervis