Joel A. Phillips

“On 1/30 I found need to visit your facility. I generally do not like hospitals, nor doctors. I had some jaw pain and serious swelling. I was through triage and being seen in the ER within 1/2 hour. My condition, and vitals seemed to heighten the PAs concern, and before I knew it, had a Dr. and 2 PAs looking at me. I was moved from ambulatory ER to another section to closer monitor what I overheard referred to as “angina”. I think I was seen by no fewer than 3 Drs in ER before being admitted for observation. The dedication of your staff found a problem I was not aware existed, and is totally unrelated to initial reason for my visit. Was sent upstairs to 5 North. I can not praise enough, your entire staff that I had contact with. From escort (transport, not sure what you refer to it as), house keeping, “room service”, to nursing…all were pleasant and professional. I am generally a jovial person, and had such fun, while feeling like crap, with people I had never met. If ever I have need to visit again, I hope all your staff is as great as those from 5 North. I understand there is a staffing shortage, yet these over worked individuals could not have been nicer. The dedication to the needs of those in their care is beyond reproach. If I ever have need to be admitted again, I hope I can “request” a unit. Again, thank you, and please extend this note of gratitude to all the staff of 5 North. 5 NORTH STAFF ROCKS!!!!”  Joel A. Phillips