John Flanagan

“It seems there are not many positive things to read about in the newspaper these days. We have oil spills, an economic crisis, a dysfunctional state government and many other front-page distractions that show negative situations happening all around us.
I would like to take the time to recognize something positive. Last weekend, my wife had an unfortunate illness and was admitted to the Horton campus of Orange Regional Medical Center. Upon checking into the hospital, we were attended by a superb ER staff.
During a time of illness and tremendous stress we were treated with compassion, courtesy, professionalism and respect. Our rotating shift of nurses in Tower 4 treated my wife as if she were one of their children. They eased her pain and cured her illness. They comforted us through a rough time, and for that I will forever be appreciative. I would like to extend a big thanks to Horton. It is truly a first-class facility with a first-class staff.”
John Flanagan, Pine Bush