“John O”/Joe Orlando

“This is a follow-up on a Health Fair I attended at Grace Community Church in Blooming Grove, NY in the Spring of 2008.
I visited your ORMC hypertension and cholesterol health tables and had my blood pressure, BMI and lipids tested that morning.
There we discovered my BP was slightly elevated as were my LDL and Triglycerides. As you are aware these numbers were far from where they should be. With your organizations persistent follow-up with phone calls, I finally broke down, visited my family doctor and he recommended a statin and uptitrated my blood pressure medicine.
Two years later all my lipids are in check thanks to that screening! Clearly all those cardiovascular risk factor numbers are at goal!
In fact, I recently decided it was long “over due” to get that my feared colonoscopy procedure. Now in early 2010, I feel great knowing my lipids and life savings screenings are performed.
Thanks again for all your “heart healthy attention””. Sincerely,
“John O”/Joe Orlando