John Warren Holley

“Hello, my name is John Holley, and my wife and I recently delivered a baby at the Horton Campus. We have other children, so we have experienced other hospitals. I have to say that the nurses we dealt with were all fantastic. Unfortunately, as I was in and out, I did not get all of their names. However, one name that I did get, and probably the best nurse I ever met, was Tina Bast. There were some minor complications, and we thought we might need an emergency c-section. My wife was terrified, and I was kind of in shock. Then Tina took over, calmed my wife down, and stayed with her through it all. Tina was both strong and sensitive – giving my wife both the comfort and the push she needed to stay focused. Then, we went to my wife’s room, where all of the nurses were friendly, easy to talk to, and easy to find. I know one was named Kathleen Sweeney, and I believe that there was one named Cindy. I hope that the people who run your hospital appreciate what a wonderful staff of nurses they have, I know I do.” Sincerely, John Warren Holley, Jr., Wantage, NJ