Kaitlyn Marsh

“I hope this letter finds its way back to the women’s birth and delivery staff. I am writing to express to all members of the hospital how AMAZING my stay was while both delivering and recovering from the birth of my child. Every single nurse that I came in contact with was kind and compassionate and I felt as though I was surrounded by family rather than strangers. They were comforting and supportive while I went through the scariest and most amazing moment of my life. Each time I had a question no matter how silly it was, each nurse and doctor took the time to make sure I was well educated on the answer.
I hope you all are aware of what an amazing team of dedicated nurses you have on staff. I am highly recommending you to all my friends who are currently pregnant and I do nothing but praise my stay to friends and family. I felt safe and at peace throughout the entire delivery process. Thank you so much for having such an amazing staff. I hope to see you all again with my next child.”  Kaitlyn Marsh