Karen Wade

“Two weeks ago, I was a patient at ORMC. I had total hip replacement surgery, performed flawlessly by Dr. Kevin Trapp. I am writing to you to express my satisfaction and delight with all of the people who worked with me during my stay in Tower Five, Orthopedics.
I was greeted by a team of people as I was transferred to my room from recovery. My RN, Debbie, was welcoming and helpful, giving me as much time as I needed to ask questions. She was dedicated and caring, an attitude that was displayed time and again by all the caregivers during my 3-day stay at the hospital.
I would like to mention certain people by name. Simone Stein, Director of the Bone and Joint Center, visited me frequently to determine if I had any needs or questions. Eileen Frank and Jessica Casey were there to provide me with verbal and written information about my care after the hospital, and certain medications that I would be taking for a month or so. Each of these women provided me with phone numbers and encouraged me to contact them whenever I had any questions. In addition, I have been contacted at home as well, as a follow-up to my hospital stay.
I recognize that the women mentioned in the above paragraph are at the top of their field, but the professional care and interest I received at your hospital did not stop with them. In particular, I would like to thank Dawn, Michelle, Rosa, and Debbie, RNs who had hearts of gold combined with empathy and professional-ism. Marlena, Talisha, and Meagan were CNAs who were attentive, helpful and compassionate at all times. (I’d like to mention another CNA, but I forget her name. She had photos of her children on the reverse side of her ID tag, and she was also wonderful!)
Additionally, I’d like to say a quick word about the food service. This was my first hospital stay since 1984, in Westchester, when I had a baby. The food there was not only not good, but it looked and smelled horrible, delivered wordlessly and left by the side of the room. This was definitely not the case at ORMC! The people who delivered the food chatted with me and made sure to tell me that I could call for anything else that I needed; they brought the food to me and waited until I was in a comfortable position to eat before they left my room. There was even an attractive placemat on the food tray with each meal (my 2nd grade daughter was very impressed by this!). And wonder of wonders – the food looked normal and tasted good! Kudos!
My physical therapy began the day after my surgery. I was greeted by Melody, a PT, and Marge, an OT, who worked together to get me out of my bed and ambulating around the room. Their care was followed up by Andrew and Bill, two additional PTs. Each person was encouraging and helpful, with tips on how to successfully navigate my way through the room and the hallway. While I recognize that this is their job to do, I need for you to understand how well they do what they do. During their brief time with me, they were totally focused on my recovery and how to make it as successful as possible.
Even the workers who came to change the garbage bags, clean the bathroom and floor, etc., took the time to ask if it was OK for them to come in, chatted with me, and asked about my progress. I truly felt as if they were part of the team. Every person who came to my room had a kind word and a gentle attitude.
Mr. Batulis, I truly believe that being in a positive environment is an important component of successful recovery; and I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by health care professionals who seemed to enjoy their work and their interactions not only with the patients, but with each other. It’s very easy to pick up on discontent within a small unit like the one I was in. These people spoke to each other respectfully, and were united in their commitment to provide quality care to their patients. Their positive attitudes helped to amplify my own, so that I could immediately begin the work of successful recovery.
I will recommend this hospital to every person who ever initiates a discussion of hospitals. Dr. Trapp has indicated that somewhere down the road, there might be a surgery necessary for my other hip. I will go into that experience with no qualms, because I know that from my initial consult with Dr. Trapp through my surgery education with Simone Stein, to the actual surgery, hospital stay and recovery itself, I will be surrounded by expert professionals who are at the top of their game. They will set the course for an excellent recovery, and I expect the sailing will be as smooth then, as it is now. Your staff is to be commended for dedication, professionalism, and excellence. I am most grateful for an excellent experience and quality care.” Yours truly,
Karen Wade