Kathleen Lanier, Lead Operator

“So often people forget to say thank you.
My mom moved here to live with me from California in April of 2009, she is now 73. She has had ongoing issues with arthritis. She has had both hips replaced (in California) and had major problems with her right knee. When I took her to an Orthopedic doctor he said it was inevitable she had to have knee replacement. She did not want to hear that. She had been putting it off for quite some time. She was to the point that I had to go and get a wheelchair, we finally convinced her to get it done. It has been quite a challenge having my mom move in with us, although I would not have it any other way.
On November 2nd my mom had knee replacement surgery at the Horton Campus. She was very nervous and scared. The staff in the OR let me stay with her until they came in to take her into surgery. They made her feel very comfortable and at ease. The staff, nurses, doctor and the anesthesiologist were absolutely wonderful.
When she was transferred up to the Bone and Joint center, they were all great, she had one bad experience and it was taken care of immediately, everyone there was awesome. I can’t say enough about Simone, Jessica and all the staff there. Jessica even called my house last week to see how Mom was doing. My mom was thrilled.
She then went down to the Rehab unit. Carmella treated her as if she were her own mother. The physical therapists, the nursing staff, case management, housekeeping staff and the nutrition staff all treated her like gold. Anything she needed they made sure she had it. Everyone at the hospital was wonderful.
I am also an employee here, I have always known we have awesome people, but you sometimes forget in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I can’t thank you all enough for the comfort and ease that my family felt during my moms stay here.
Her quality of life has been restored, along with her confidence.” Thank you from her and I.
Kathleen Lanier, Lead Operator, Telecomm Horton Campus