Kathleen Palmiotti

“I broke my ankle this week.  It’s another of those events that makes you so grateful for those times when you feel well and everything on your body works properly. It’s also a time that makes you realize how quickly your life can change! One minute, your bones are fine, and the next,snap!
I took our Siberian Husky out in the woods behind our home this past Thursday evening so she could do her duty. When she was done and we were turning around to go back into the home, she pulled me in a direction I wasn1t prepared for. rm not sure exactly what happened, but somehow my body went one way and my foot another. I lost my balance, and as I was falling, I heard a SNAP. I landed on the ground, in the dark, in a bit of pain, with a 50 pound dog still attached to the leash on my arm. I rolled over, and assessed howI felt. I knew I seriously hurt myself, especially when I attempted to gingerly stand. Stupid. Anyway, I managed to get both myself and the dog into the house without any further catastrophe.
A short while later, I was in the new Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, NY. I hadn’t ever been there before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Arrived at 8pm and was out of there by 9:30pm. I think that’s an impressive processing time, especially since there were quite a few people in the emergency room when I arrived. The people at the admitting desk were extremely helpful, as were all the nurses and doctors. While the x-ray process was a bit painful, everything else was done quite gingerly. I was given a temporaty splint and crutches, and a referral to an orthopedic doctor. The entire process was really quite painless and efficient.
Bottom line, if you have a choice of hospitals to visit when you have an emergency, I would choose the Middletown facility. They are located at 707 East Main Street in Middletown which is off Exit 122 of NY-17.”  Kathleen Palmiotti